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Happy International Women's Day!

March 8, 2021

It’s March 8th which mean it’s International Women’s Day, so of course we are celebrating all the awesome women who work for DenTech! Get to know each of them a little bit better below. We hope you take today to celebrate all the women in your lives!

A woman standing on a ladder next to a dust ollector

Emma Elliott

[ Project Manager ]

1. Favorite food: Ice cream

2. Pets: Dog mom of Dude

3. Hobby: Hiking
A woman with brown hair wearing a pink shirt stands in front of a giraffe

Wendie Sauder

[ Customer Specialist ]

  1. My husband, Nelson, also works at DenTech. We’ve been married 20 years and have 2 daughters, Naleah, 18 and Danika, 15.

  2. I love sports, have coached HS volleyball for 19 years. One of my favorite things is to watch our girls play volleyball, lacrosse and basketball.

  3. I like to travel. I’ve been to Kenya 3 times and would go back again in a heartbeat.
A woman holding a small dog and standing in front of a body of water

Bernice (Bernie) Garcia

[ Welder ]

  1. Favorite thing to do would be camping or going up to a cabin in the fall time when leaves start to turn colors.

  2. I love to travel with my fiancé which by the way I will be getting married on the 26th of March.

  3. I have two pets which I adore. One is a mini dachshund and the other is a Parrotlet.
A woman with brown hair in a pink shirt

Shannon Hackman

[ Sales/Marketing Manager ]

  1. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, although, it is getting more difficult to hang out with my tween/teen kids. In which case you can find me at my boxing gym.

  2. I enjoy being outdoors, taking hikes, bike riding, or exploring new places. One day I hope to own a cabin preferably near the pine creek in Potter county.

  3. I am currently working on becoming an Irish citizen through descent.
A woman with blonde hair wearing a black shirt

Amber Aument

[ Aftermarket Rep ]

  1. After a drink or two, I’m pretty good at cornhole

  2. When I was about 13-14 years old, it was a rainy day and I was bored so I taught myself how to juggle.

  3. I learned how to blow a bubble with chewing gum before my brother Nate. (he’s 3 years older than me) haha
A woman with blonde hair wearing a dark shirt and sunglasses in her hair

Kristen Berndt

[ Creative Director ]

  1. I bought a fixer upper 2 years ago and learned how to tile floors and backsplashes. I’ve also started to take up woodworking. DIY and creating custom drawings is my outlet.

  2. I lived in Brooklyn, NY for 8 years, before returning here for good. But I still love to visit and enjoy the culture. (pre 2020)

  3. I hit the bullseye the first time I ever tried axe throwing.
A woman with brown hair and glasses, wearing a gray sweater

Kaliope Kambouroglos

[ Marketing Communications Specialist ]

  1. My favorite kinds of movies are sci-fi, fantasy, and action, but I love watching almost all kinds of movies (except for horror).

  2. I love Vietnamese food, especially from Rice and Noodles.

  3. One of my hobbies is arts and crafts. I like experimenting with inks, markers, and watercolor.
A woman with brown hair wearing a dark shirt

Sue Elliott

[ HR Manager ]

  1. We just had our first grandchild last summer: Carson Michael.

  2. Favorite hobby is boating and fishing.

  3. Biggest fish I ever caught . . . my husband, when I got a hook caught in his back and we had to go to the hospital to have it removed!
A woman wearing a headband and glasses stands next to a brown horse

Kelsey Haldeman

[ Designer ]

  1. Dog mom to my Border Collie, Kitt

  2. I spend more time at the barn riding then I spend anywhere else.

  3. I enjoy hiking and urban exploring!
A woman wearing ski gear

Kim King

[ Customer Manager ]

  1. I love the beach, but I also love to ski.

  2.  I love animals more than I like most people.

  3. I went sky diving once. And survived.
Two women and one man sitting in a restaurant

Lisa Zimmerman

[ Office Manager ]

  1. I have two kids (19 & 22 years old) and one fiancé. No wedding date yet.

  2. Worked at DenTech for 35 years 😳

  3. I like spending time at the beach with friends

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