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Expanding production with robots and people

According to a report by the Association for Advancing Automation, the number of robots sold in North America in 2021 increased by 28% over 2020. Much of the increase came from non-automotive sectors, with the most growth in metals (91% increase) and food and consumer goods (29% increase). Companies are purchasing robots to increase productivity and offset labor shortages.

In some cases, robots replace work done by humans, especially repetitive motions, heavy lifting, and high-speed jobs. But one benefit of using robots for these tasks is a reduced risk of workplace injuries for people.

Ron Borne, Senior Automation Technical Specialist at DenTech, said, “It’s been difficult getting employees to do some of the labor that robots have been taking the place of.” But robots are not going to take jobs away from people completely. Instead, implementing robots frees up resources so people can work on other parts of the business. When a company automates one operation, then they can reallocate employees to different roles and expand the company. That growth is a net positive for companies and employees.

When companies are looking for ways to implement automation and robotics in their facilities, system integrators like DenTech can help. Our talented employees use their skills in automation, system design, fabrication, machining, welding, electrical installation, and programming to develop turnkey solutions for customers.

Check out the video below to learn more from Ron about automation and robotics at DenTech.

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