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Dust collection and explosion protection for confectionery manufacturer


A confectionery manufacturer reached out to DenTech to correct a few issues in their production facility, including:

  • The existing dust collection system was too small for the application and did not properly collect dust at several points along the production line
  • The dust was from cornstarch, which is combustible, but the existing dust collector was not equipped with explosion protection devices
  • Ductwork connections along the production line were poorly designed

After discussing solutions, DenTech recommended a new dust collection system and additional updates in the facility to remedy these issues.


Installed new dust collection system

DenTech installed a Donaldson Downflo® Evolution (DFE) dust collection system. The DFE uses Ultra-Web® fine fiber filtration media positioned in locations that ensure easy, leak-free installation. The DFE’s MaxPulse™ Cleaning System delivers more cleaning energy to filtration media and distributes energy uniformly. This allows more effective cleaning and reduces energy losses.

DenTech designed, built, and installed an AyrDyne electrical control panel to control the dust collection system. AyrDyne offers completely customizable options for application-specific needs, including safety system integration and maintenance monitoring.

Installed explosion protection devices

To manage the cornstarch dust safely, the dust collection system needed to include explosion protection devices.

A flameless explosion vent was installed on the dust collector to extinguish flames and release pressure, in the event of a deflagration in the dust collector.

An isolation valve was installed on the ducting between the dust collector and the building. In the event of a deflagration, the isolation valve will close and block the pressure wave from moving back through the ductwork and into the building.

These safety measures isolate any ignited particles and prevent secondary explosions.

Updated ductwork routing

DenTech redesigned existing duct connections. New ductwork was installed to connect the new dust collection system to the manufacturer’s existing systems. DenTech also installed new utility piping for compressed air.

Over the course of a week, DenTech installed the dust collection system and ducting that are outside of the production room first. Then process equipment inside the room was shut down to finish the interior installation.


The new dust collection system, AyrDyne electrical control panel, explosion protection devices, and updated ductwork all provide the manufacturer with a cleaner, safer environment.

The manufacturer was so happy with these updates that DenTech is working on a second project. DenTech is recommending solutions for a dust collection system to manage dust from nuts in the production facility. This requires explosion protection, as well as allergen protection and ways to avoid cross-contamination between the nut processes and other processes in the facility.

Capabilities in this Project:

  • Dust collection system
  • AyrDyne electrical control panel
  • Programming the PLC, HMI, and VFD
  • Passive explosion protection
  • Ductwork
  • Fabrication
  • Utility piping
  • Mechanical installation
  • Electrical installation
  • System start-up
  • Onsite training

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