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Fabrication and mechanical installation for industrial salt supplier


A worldwide supplier of salt and ice melt products was using various conveyors to sort different kinds of salt within their facility. Every time they wanted to change the type of salt, they used forklifts and rigging equipment to manually move conveyors. This resulted in about a half hour of downtime for each changeover. Also, with moving equipment and resetting it, there was always a chance conveyors and other equipment were not lined up exactly. Additional time was needed sometimes to make sure equipment was aligned correctly. Or else, salt could spill off the line and then go to waste or require clean up.

To improve the process, the supplier purchased a screener that would allow them to connect multiple conveyors and sort salts by grain size into the appropriate discharge outlets and chutes. However, the company that provided the screener would not work with the salt supplier to install the screener.

After not making progress toward a solution, the salt supplier reached out to DenTech. DenTech had completed work for the salt supplier in the past, and they knew DenTech could help with the screener installation.


DenTech designed the support structure, which was evaluated and approved by a professional engineer. Then DenTech fabricated the support structure from carbon steel, installed it at the supplier’s facility, and installed the screener and catwalk assemblies.

The installation was completed in two days.

Throughout the whole process from design through installation, DenTech communicated updates to the supplier and worked with them on a tight timeline. The supplier appreciated DenTech’s responsiveness and ability to solve the challenge.


With the new support structure and screener in place, the supplier can have more than one conveyor set up at the same time. This eliminates the downtime needed to move conveyors every time they want to change the type of salt. Now changeovers take about 10 minutes, where they used to take about 30 minutes.

Capabilities in this Project:

  • Mechanical design
  • Fabrication
  • Mechanical installation

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