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Process Solution: Label Applicator


A manufacturer who needed to add a second label to a part in an existing process reached out to DenTech for a solution. DenTech proposed to implement a new automated label applicator into their shower curtain rod labeling process. The new labeler was mounted over the existing roller style conveyor, just after the existing labeling head, giving the manufacturer the ability to apply a second label to their current process. The new labeler applies and wraps a label at the current production rate of about 32 parts per minute or a cycle time of 1.875 seconds per part.

Project Scope

DenTech Industrial provided a total turnkey package that included concept design, equipment, programming, testing and installation.

Our automation team installed a Herma 500 Label applicator onto a horizontal guided rail, designed so that the labeler’s position can be easily adjusted along the rods as they change in length. This assembly is mounted on a heavy-duty, square tubular frame, which our fabrication team welded of carbon steel and powder coated for a durable finish. This brand new unit is attached to the existing frame of the labeling machine. The Rod indexes under the new labeling head and a sensor detects the presence of the Rod so that a label will not be dispensed if a Rod is not present. While the Rod is in dwell, a pair of DenTech supplied rollers extends up to support the Rod. At the same time, there is a DenTech supplied AC gearmotor that extends down to apply light pressure to spin the shower curtain rod. Using the information from the rotary encoder, the Herma 500 label applicator dispenses the label, matching the rotational speed of the Rod to ensure good label placement. When finished, the roller assembly retracts, the labeler’s pivot beak will lifts up, and the process repeats.

This project was completed in approximately 12 weeks.

Capabilities in this Project:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Automation

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