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Safety guarding and controls for packaging equipment


A packaging manufacturer needed to evaluate the safety measures on machines in their facilities. DenTech started with a risk assessment to identify safety hazards and estimate associated risks. From there, DenTech worked to address safety issues and minimize risks.

DenTech created a concept that they could apply to five similar machines in the facility. A sixth, different type of machine was evaluated separately.


DenTech designed, fabricated, and installed hard-guarding framing with wire mesh. Hard-guarding framing was constructed using 80/20 aluminum extrusion.

DenTech removed existing controls and installed new controls that are listed to UL 508A. This work included:

  • Designing of the electrical control panel
  • Programming of the PLC
  • Assembly, wiring, and testing of the electrical control panel
  • Electrical installation

DenTech also upgraded some motors and mechanical components to improve machine performance.

After the new machine guarding, controls, and upgraded components were in place, DenTech ensured that safety functions performed as required per ISO 13849.

DenTech worked around the manufacturer’s production schedule. One machine was taken down for a week to complete as much work as possible without disrupting overall production in the facility. Then the machine ran for about two weeks to build up stock. The final stage was taking the machine down for two weeks to finish installation. With this process, six machines were completed in 16 months.


DenTech helped the manufacturer increase safety measures with machine guarding, new controls, updated equipment drawings, PLC code, and an HMI that can troubleshoot issues.

The additional component upgrades added to the project investment, but those updates offer benefits in the long run—fewer maintenance issues and reduced service calls.

DenTech completed all facets of this project: safety assessment, design, fabrication, programming, and installation. That meant the manufacturer did not have to subcontract parts of the work and coordinate with multiple vendors. DenTech managed all the work, start to finish.

Capabilities in this Project:

  • Mechanical design
  • Machine safety guarding
  • Fabrication
  • Design and assembly of electrical control panel
  • Mechanical installation
  • Electrical installation

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