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Trim Waste Removal System


A local medical device manufacturer received a contract from the government to make masks amid the COVID pandemic. Starting from an empty warehouse space, they built a manufacturing facility to fulfill the obligations of the contract to make 50 million masks in a year. DenTech Industrial was called in to provide a solution to keep the facility free of trim waste, from the cutting of the masks, and nuisance dust.  

Project Scope

DenTech Industrial provided the design, fabrication and installation for the following:

One 30,000 CFM Separator supported by three 10,000 CFM blowers sub-divided into three 5-machine cells. Ten high precision choppers with silencers. A Donaldson Torit DFE 4-48 dust collector with explosion protection and designed to return the air back into the building. Custom fabricated support stands and a custom AyrDyne Control panel.

This project was completed in approximately 12 weeks.

Capabilities in this Project:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Trim Waste Removal

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