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Trim Waste Removal System


A local medical device manufacturer received a contract from the government to make masks amid the COVID pandemic. Starting from an empty warehouse space, they built a manufacturing facility to fulfill the obligations of the contract to make 50 million masks in a year. DenTech Industrial was called in to provide a solution to keep the facility free of trim waste, from the cutting of the masks, and nuisance dust.  

Project Scope:

DenTech Industrial provided the design, fabrication and installation for the following:

One 30,000 CFM Separator supported by three 10,000 CFM blowers sub-divided into three 5-machine cells. Ten high precision choppers with silencers. A Donaldson Torit DFE 4-48 dust collector with explosion protection and designed to return the air back into the building. Custom fabricated support stands and a custom AyrDyne Control panel.

This project was completed in approximately 12 weeks.

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Capabilities in this Project:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Trim Waste Removal

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