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Air ventilation improves employee comfort during summer months

Facility needs change throughout the year and so do your employees’ needs. Make sure you’re considering how seasons affect work conditions.

In the summer, one topic on employees’ minds might be how warm it feels on the plant floor. The maintenance staff may have concerns about areas overheating, like the air compressor room.

These are valid concerns, and there are several options for addressing them.

DenTech Industrial offers many solutions for air ventilation in facilities. These solutions result in improved employee comfort and safer work areas.

DenTech’s first step is to understand the temperature conditions in your facility.

  • Is the ambient air too warm overall?
  • Are specific areas or rooms of the building too warm? What are the sizes of those spaces? What produces heat in those areas?
  • What types of solutions make sense given the existing systems in the facility?

After understanding these factors, DenTech will recommend solutions to manage air temperature. Below are some examples.

High-volume fans

High-volume fans can be installed to circulate ambient air. Fans create stratification for cooling effects.

Roof ventilation fans

Roof ventilation fans pull hot air out the top of the building.

Ducting for the air compressor room

Ducting can be installed to ventilate the air compressor room and move hot air outside. This reduces the chance of overheating in the air compressor room.

Air loop in the compressor room

In the summer, an air loop moves hot air from the compressor room to the outside of the building. In the winter, the air loop still moves hot air out of the compressor room. Then the hot air returns into the building to help with heating.

Summer/winter bypass in dust collector

In the summer, the bypass discharges heated air from the dust collector to the exterior of the facility. In the winter, the bypass pushes heated air from the dust collector through a filter, and then the air returns into the building.

Evaporative cooling

An evaporative cooler is a rooftop unit that draws in warm air and cools it through the evaporation of water. The cooled air is then returned to the building through ductwork. Ducting directs the cooled air to areas where employees work, so that the air temperature is more comfortable for them.

Air temperature management includes a broad range of equipment and solutions. Work with our experts to determine the right solution for your custom needs.

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