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Be proactive with replacement parts and filters to counter supply chain delays

Supply chain disruptions continue to cause higher costs of raw materials, slower delivery times, and product shortages.  

In a recent McKinsey Global Survey, company executives said supply chain disruptions are now a bigger threat to company growth than the pandemic.  

These disruptions can impact equipment in your facility, including dust collection systems. If you wait to order replacements until you need new components or filters, you risk waiting for parts to come in. And that causes unexpected downtime and loss of production.  

Instead, keep replacement parts and a back-up set of filters onsite. Then when it’s time to make repairs or change filters, you already have what you need.  

Supply chain issues will continue to challenge industrial manufacturers. One way to counter delays is by having replacement parts and filters on hand. You’ll be able to keep your system up and running without worrying about shortages or shipping delays.  

Contact us to talk about maintenance for your dust collection system.  

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