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Benefits of upgrading to pleated filter bags in baghouse dust collectors

Baghouse dust collectors are used to filter dusty air produced by manufacturing and processing applications in industrial facilities. Traditionally, polyester bags are used in baghouse collectors, but large pores in the bags can collect dust in the fabric. This makes polyester bags difficult to clean and reduces filter life.

If maintaining traditional filters in your baghouse dust collector is a challenge, consider switching to pleated bag filters from Donaldson Torit®.

What are pleated bag filters?

Donaldson Torit’s innovative Ultra-Web® technology uses an electrospinning process to produce a very fine, continuous fiber (0.2-0.3 micron in diameter). The nanofibers form a permanent web-like net that traps dust on the surface of the media. Ultra-Web technology combines with a sturdy spunbond polyester substrate to form Ultra-Web Spunbond (UWSB) pleated bag filters.

UWSB pleated bag filters offer several advantages over traditional polyester bag filters in baghouse dust collectors. Benefits include energy savings, labor savings, and better dust capture.

What are the benefits of using pleated bag filters?

Energy savings

UWSB pleated bags have a significantly lower pressure drop compared to polyester bags. This is because pleated media offers more filter area, an easier path for airflow, and no large holes for dust and air to flow through. With fewer smaller dust particles passing through the media, filter efficiency increases.

Lower pressure drop also offers energy savings, since less energy is required to move a given volume of air over a period of time.

Labor savings

Pleated filter bags do not use cage and filter bag components, which makes installation and removal quicker and easier. The one-piece design and shorter length are easier to maneuver, so less time is needed to change out pleated filter bags. Less time for filter changeouts results in reduced labor costs and reduced loss of production time.

Below is a comparison of changeout costs for polyester filter bags and pleated bags.

 Polyester filter bagsPleated filter bags
Number of filter bags in collector630630
Number of technicians for changeout88
Labor rate per hour$50 (may need to add in overtime rates)$50
Total amount of time for changeout20 hours5 hours
Total man hours8 x 20 = 160 hours8 x 5 = 40 hours
Total labor cost$8,000 per changeout$2,000 per changeout
Changeout cost comparison of polyester and pleated filter bags

Better dust capture

UWSB pleated bags can capture submicron dust particles (0.3 micron and larger), which is finer than the dust particles that polyester bags can capture. Surface loading technology on UWSB pleated bags allows for better pulse cleaning, lower energy use, and lower operating pressure drop. This leads to two benefits: 2-3 times longer filter life and fewer filter changeouts compared to polyester bags.

UWSB pleated bags are designed to be shorter in length than polyester filter bags. This leaves a larger dropout space in the baghouse collector, which encourages material fallout. Heavier, more abrasive particulate falls into the open space, reducing the potential of abrasion on filter bags.

UWSB pleated bag filters are available for all popular brands of baghouse collectors.

Upgrading to pleated bag filters requires an initial investment, but there are long-term benefits in energy savings, labor savings, and better dust capture.

For more information about pleated bag filters, contact DenTech.

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