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Cold weather climate kits for dust collection systems

Dust collection systems are built to withstand outdoor environments, but cold weather can affect system components. Especially in regions with high moisture levels, cold weather may affect performance.

Cold weather climate kits can help prevent components from freezing and keep your dust collection system up and running during winter months.

Condensation may build up in compressed air lines of the cleaning system, around the solenoid valves, and around the air diaphragm. After temperatures drop below freezing, these issues may come up:

  • the pulsing system can’t operate properly to pulse filters
  • the solenoid valves may stick
  • the diaphragm can’t function properly and may even fail


Cold weather climate kits can reduce chances of components freezing in cold weather. Kits include heat tape, insulation, and thermostats.

Heat tape is wired into the cleaning system. A thermostat attached to the heat tape activates heating when the temperature drops to a certain degree.

Insulation is wrapped around diaphragm bodies.

In some systems, a small heater (activated by a thermostat) is installed in the solenoid enclosure to maintain a temperature above freezing and prevent valves from sticking.

Cold weather climate kits are installed when needed, depending on the location and environment of the dust collection system. Kits will last a few seasons, and individual parts can be replaced if necessary.

Before a component fails due to winter weather, how might you know there’s an issue?

If your system is controlled by AyrDyne, DenTech’s monitoring system HMI, then you can monitor system performance. For example, an operator can use AyrDyne to test and monitor solenoid valves.

Aside from monitoring the dust collection system, DenTech’s service technicians can diagnose and repair issues. DenTech is a factory authorized service center. Our technicians are trained and qualified to service all makes and models of dust collection systems, so we can help if cold weather conditions impact your system.

For more information on cold weather maintenance, contact us.

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