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Summer shutdowns: What to consider for dust collection maintenance

Summer months are a great time to check dust collection equipment and perform maintenance. Scheduling maintenance activities during a plant shutdown requires preparation, so here are some considerations.

1. Schedule in advance

Schedules fill up quickly with regular work plus summer maintenance. It’s best to get a quote from DenTech and issue a PO in advance, so we can lock in shutdown dates and work through logistics for the work needed.

2. Order parts and filters

If you’ll need replacement parts and filters, plan as far in advance as possible. Supply chain challenges have caused longer lead times and product shortages. Certain parts and filters may take longer than usual to arrive. As part of the quoted work, DenTech can order the parts and filters needed.

3. Change out filters

Shutdowns are a good time to replace filters without interfering with production. Filter changeouts can take a few days to complete, depending on the size and number of filters. The best way to determine when to change filters is by monitoring filter life with AyrDyne, but some facilities prefer to change filters during a shutdown, regardless of filter condition. This prevents the possible need to shut down for filter changes later, while under full production.

4. Check equipment that cannot be serviced during normal operation

In some facilities, summer shutdown is the only time during the year when the plant completely shuts down. So, this is a great time to inspect equipment. Check belts, pulleys, bearings, and any other moving components that cannot be inspected while in operation.

Summer shutdowns are a great time to inspect and perform maintenance on dust collection systems. Planning in advance for the work, filters, and parts needed will help the shutdown go smoothly.

Contact us for more information on maintaining your dust collection system.

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