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Using a robotic test cell for training and development

DenTech Industrial’s robotic test cell contains a FANUC LR Mate Robot, which is a common size and style of robot that DenTech works with.

The test cell is in our automation and robotics department and serves two purposes.

First, we use the test cell for training. DenTech employees develop their skills by using the robot, and customers can visit our facility to learn how to use the robot. We can also take the test cell to a customer’s site and train them there.

The benefit of using our test cell for training is that people can learn how to operate the robot without accidentally causing any damage to customer equipment or an actual production line. If a person using the test cell makes a mistake, like bumping the robot into something or messing up some robot code, that’s okay. That’s exactly what the test cell was designed for.

The test cell’s second purpose is for developing solutions. We use the robotic test cell to experiment and come up with best practices for the equipment. When we create a concept for a customer, we can use the test cell to figure out how the solution would work.

For example, we could test out a process for picking and placing parts. With a feeder added to the test cell, we could feed in parts from a hopper. Those parts would come up in an elevator and be separated and spread out onto a rotary disc feeder. Then the robot would use vision to find those parts, pick them, and move them to an outfeed conveyor or another operation.

The robotic test cell allows us to collaborate with customers for training, and it enhances our design process with a hands-on way to test ideas.  

Watch the animation below to see the robotic test cell in action.

To learn more about our automation and robotics capabilities, check out our services page.

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